National Cat Lover’s Month: Decoding Your Kitty’s Love Language

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National Cat Lover's Month is a special time to shine a spotlight on your beloved feline friend and celebrate the extraordinary bond you share. While cats may not speak our language, they have unique ways of expressing love. As veterinarians, we understand the love language of cats and are here to help you better understand how your beloved pet expresses their affection. Let’s explore how cats communicate love and how you, as a devoted cat parent, can reciprocate those feelings and build an even stronger connection with your furry companion.

Non-Verbal Communication

Cats are true masters of non-verbal communication. Each tail twitch, ear flick, and whisker movement carries meaning, often as distinct and intricate as words. An upright tail signifies a confident and content kitty, while a puffed-up tail might signal fear or aggression.

The subtle language of a slow blink, often called a “cat kiss,” is a universal feline gesture. This simple yet profound action is a clear display of affection, a moment where your cat is essentially saying, “I trust you, and I love you.” It’s a silent, intimate conversation that transcends spoken words.

Purring and meowing, the audible aspects of feline communication, also play vital roles in expressing their emotions and needs. Each meow has its unique purpose, from the assertive “feed me” to the plaintive “play with me.” Paying attention to these vocalizations and the context in which they occur provides valuable insights into your cat’s state of mind.

Yet, one of the most remarkable aspects of your bond with your cat is the comfortable silence that can exist between you. When your cat simply sits beside you, purring contentedly, or shares your space, it’s a non-verbal declaration of love and trust. This connection, built on mutual respect and understanding, is a testament to the strength of your relationship with your feline friend.

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Affection Through Physical Contact

Cats are particular about their cuddle companions. When your cat chooses your lap for a cozy nap, it’s a clear sign of trust and affection. Providing comfortable spaces and cozy blankets near you encourages these moments. Understanding how your cat likes to be touched is essential, too. Some cats adore belly rubs, while others prefer chin scratches or head pats. By respecting your cat’s preferences, you show them your love in a way that resonates with them.

Mutual grooming is another beautiful aspect of feline love language. When your cat licks your hand or face, they’re not just being hygienic; they’re including you in their social group. To reciprocate this affection, gently groom your cat using a comb or soft brush. In addition to strengthening your bond, this helps keep their coat healthy and tangle-free.

“Bunting,” or gently rubbing their head against someone’s hands or face, is another affectionate behavior displayed by our feline companions. This seemingly simple action carries profound meaning in the feline world. When your cat engages in bunting, they are marking you with scent glands located on their cheeks, effectively claiming you as their own. So, when your kitty leans in for a head-butt, consider it a heartwarming gesture signifying their love.

Food and Love

Cats are natural-born hunters, and this instinct is deeply ingrained in their DNA. While it might seem unusual — or downright unpleasant — to us, hunting and presenting captured prey, whether it’s a live mouse or a toy, is a sign of love and trust. In the wild, adult cat's teach their kittens to hunt by bringing them injured prey to practice their hunting skills. This behavior continues into adulthood, with cats gifting food to their human companions as a way of showing affection.

When your cat presents you with their “gift,” it’s not about feeding you but sharing their success and expressing their love. In their eyes, they view you as part of their family, and by offering you the bounty of their hunt, they acknowledge your role within their social group. It’s a display of trust and affection, and while you might not appreciate the gesture in the same way, acknowledging their intention and offering praise strengthens the connection between you and your feline friend.

Want to reciprocate? Don’t worry; you don’t have to catch any rodents! Treats are a perfect way to show your cat love. Offering special treats from time to time is a simple gesture that lets your cat know how special they are to you. When it comes to mealtime, offering a variety of textures and flavors can be an exciting way to show your love. Cats appreciate a diverse menu just like we do, and providing different food options keeps mealtime interesting while expressing your love.

Cat playing with toy in yard.

Respecting Your Cat’s Love Language

Every cat is unique, and observing and understanding your cat’s specific signals is crucial. By being attentive to their cues, you can respect their individual love language and reciprocate in a way that resonates with them. Demonstrating your affection through patience, respect, and attention to their needs ensures a healthier and happier life for both you and your beloved cat.

Here are a few other ways to show your cat love in a way they’ll understand:

  • Interactive Play: Engage in playtime with toys like feather wands to satisfy their hunting instincts and strengthen your bond.
  • Respect for Personal Space: Creating vertical space, quiet spots, and cozy hideaways allows your cat to enjoy solitude and shows your understanding of their need for independence.
  • Quiet Companionship: Simply spending quality time together can be a powerful way to communicate your affection. Tailor your approach to your cat’s unique preferences and personality for the strongest connection.
  • Enrichment Activities: Provide puzzle feeders, treat-dispensing toys, and interactive games that challenge your cat mentally and physically.


Understanding your cat’s love language is key to building a strong and loving relationship. This National Cat Lover’s Month, seize the opportunity to decode your kitty’s affection and let your bond with your feline friend flourish. Paying attention to their unique cues and responding with care ensures that your cat feels loved, secure, and cherished. This leads to a healthier and happier life for your beloved pet and deepens the extraordinary bond you share.

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